Burning Sand 3

Sand Area

Top Menu
- General Tools -

ButtonLeft Mouse ButtonMiddle Mouse ButtonRight Mouse Button
ResolutionSet the resolution of the sandboxSame as left clickSet width or height of the sandbox
SourcesEnable or disable sourcesSet the size of the sourcesSet the elements of the sources
Reverse GravityReverse gravitySet the direction of gravitySet the amount of gravity
BorderToggle bordersSame as left clickShow the borders menu
SpeedToggle pauseShow speed menuShow the speed menu
ZoomToggle zoomNothingShow the zoom menu
Clear ScreenClear sthe screenClear the screen with current selected elementShow the clear menu
Save ScreenSave the screenNothingShow the save menu
Load ScreenLoad the screenNothingShow the load menu
Rotate ScreenRotate the screenNothingShow the rotate menu

Left Menu
- Groups -

ButtonLeft Mouse ButtonMiddle Mouse ButtonRight Mouse Button
Clear GroupShow the group on the right side and select the first entryShow the group on the right sideShow the group menu
Stone Group
Liquid Group
Fire Group
Life Group
Gas Group

Right Menu
- Elements of the current group -

ButtonLeft Mouse ButtonMiddle Mouse ButtonRight Mouse Button
EarthSelect the element for first mouse buttonSelect the element for second mouse buttonSelect the element for third mouse button
Sand Source
Salt Source

Bottom Menu
- Drawing tools and sizes -

ButtonLeft Mouse ButtonMiddle Mouse ButtonRight Mouse Button
SquareSet drawing tool to squareSame as left clickShow the square draw menu
CircleSet drawing tool to circleSame as left clickShow the circle draw menu
LineSet drawing tool to lineSame as left clickShow the line draw menu
FillSet drawing tool to fillSame as left clickNothing
TextSet drawing tool to textSame as left clickNothing
Size 1Set the drawing size to 1NothingToggle the size menu
Size 4Set the drawing size to 4NothingToggle the size menu
Size 8Set the drawing size to 8NothingToggle the size menu
Size 15Set the drawing size to 15NothingToggle the size menu
Size 40Set the drawing size to 40NothingToggle the size menu
Size 65Set the drawing size to 65NothingToggle the size menu
Size 120Set the drawing size to 120NothingToggle the size menu


ClearJust empty space.
Black HoleDestroys every element that touches it.
???A wave that destroys almost everything.
ReplicatorTransforms into every element that it touches.
AntimatterElimiates every element that touches it.
ElevatorElevates every element under it.


EarthBasic solid structure. Can be destoryed by fire.
WallBasic solid structure. Can not be destoryed by fire.
ConcreteTransforms into Wall when mixed with water.
SandBasic element.
SandsourceCreates sand.
SaltCan be mixed with water.
SaltsourceCreates salt.
StoneBasic heavy element.
CrystalSolid element that grows.


WaterBasic liquid. Can be mixed with salt, evaporated by fire, ...
SaltwaterCan be created by mixing Water and Salt.
CloudTransforms into Water.
IceTransforms slowly into Water.
FountainCreates Water.
OilFlamable liquid.
OilsourceCreates Oil.
GlueCan be used to glue elements together.
AcidDestroys seveal elements.
ExtinguisherCan be used to put out fire.
PipeCreates a pipe with water.


FireCan be used to burn things.
BurnerCreates fire and can be used to heat up water.
BurnerOffDisabled burner. Can be turned on with fire.
FireworkCreates an explotion.
TNTCreates a big explosion.
FuseCan be used to trigger an explosion.
GunPowderExploding powder.
CometFalling burining element.
VulcanoCreates Magma and Lava.
LavaHot liquid element.


PlantGrows when it touches Water. Can be destoryed by Fire.
SeedCreates Plane when it touches Water.
WoodSolid element. Can be destroyed by Fire.
CeraSlowly burning element.
ParasiteEats biological elements.


SteamHot water.
GasBurns very fast.
GassourceCreates Gas
GasIIBurns slowly.
GasIIsourceCreates GasII

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